About us

Ekam is a Sanskrit word which means unity and oneness. After struggling for months to decide on a name we finally found a word we connected our brand most with. House of Ekam aims to provide one of a kind home products which unify your home. Each product of ours is thoughtfully sourced from niche manufacturers and artisans in different regions in India having premium craftsmanship along with affordable pricing.

Our brand takes inspiration from traditional techniques mixed with millennial designs. Each product of ours is designed by us keeping in mind the aesthetics and utility. As a principle we ship the products ourselves, keeping the quality control totally in our hands.

Having worked in the home retail industry, I observed dearth of quality in affordable home products being sold in India. Whereas there is tremendous manufacturing prowess in India, the Indian market, both online and offline is either completely devoid of it, or it is being sold at exorbitantly high prices. With mission to change that, House of Ekam was born!


about us house of ekam tanvi and brij


A quick background about us, House of Ekam is run by me and my husband. I hail from New Delhi and was educated in Delhi and London. Although I started my career with a Big4 accounting firm in corporate finance, I realised my true passion is sourcing at a leading home online retailer and ever since I’ve remained in this industry. My husband is an engineer + MBA . After studying in the US and working at Big4 accounting firm (yes - we met at this Big4 accounting firm), he is looking after operations of House Of Ekam.

I hope all of you like the products we have created for you. For any feedback / suggestion / critique or a hello, please contact us at contact@houseofekam.com.

We would love to hear from you.


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