Curtain Calculator

We have built this curtain length & width calculator for convenience of our curtains customers. The curtain size calculator is designed to help you understand the length of curtains to order and number of curtains to order based on the width of your door / window and the fitting you desire. Please note that the curtain calculator has been made for reference purposes only and covers only the most common instances of windows / doors requiring curtains.

Suggested number of curtains and length

Length (ft) :

Number of curtains :

The above tool is built for reference purposes only. It is recommended to install the curtain rod 4-6 inches above the window frame and have it extend 10-12 inches beyond the window frame on each side. The curtains can either puddle on floor (1-2 inches) for a rich look or stay above the ground (1-2 inches) for a low maintenance experience. Our curtain fabric panel has width of 42-43 inches and the widths for various fittings have been assigned accordingly. All curtains are hand stitched, please allow tolerance of 1-2 inches all in measurements.