Frequently asked questions about curtains

Curtains are a leading product category for House of Ekam. We have summarized responses to few frequently asked questions about curtains for ease of reference.

For an elegant look, mount your curtain rod 4-6 inches above the window frame and extend it beyond the frame by 10-12 inches on each side. Hang the curtains so they touch or slightly puddle on the floor, creating a luxurious drape. Ensure the fabric doesn't block too much light when the curtains are open, framing your window beautifully.

Yes, curtains that touch the floor or slightly puddle create a polished and sophisticated appearance. This length adds a touch of luxury, making the room feel more inviting and well-designed. Some people do prefer the curtains remaining 1-2 inches about the ground for ease of maintenance of the curtains.

Allow a slight "puddle of 1-2 inches or let them barely touch the floor for a tailored look. This length avoids excessive dragging and ensures a neat appearance.

The rule of thumb is to hang curtains 4-6 inches above the window frame and extend them beyond the sides to make the window appear larger. Let the curtains touch or slightly puddle on the floor for a classic and refined look.

Measure the width of your window and add at least 12 inches on each side for full coverage. For length, measure from the curtain rod to where you want the curtains to end, typically allowing them to touch or slightly puddle on the floor.

The finished or patterned side of the curtain should face inside the room, while the plain or lining side faces outside.

Vastu recommends earthy tones like greens and browns for curtains to create a calming and harmonious environment. Avoid using dark colors like black or red excessively. Please note that vastu recommendations depend from person to person, hence we suggest to consult vastu experts for the same.

Standard curtain rods are typically 1-2 inches in diameter. Choose a size that complements your window and curtain weight.

Light, sheer curtains enhance natural light in the living room. Heavier fabrics like silk or velvet add a touch of luxury, while blackout curtains are great for privacy and light control.

Currently, natural fabrics like linen and cotton in soft, muted tones are on-trend. Additionally, patterned curtains, such as florals or geometric designs, can add a stylish touch to any space. Block printed curtains are also picking up.

Linen is popular for its natural, textured look. Cotton is versatile and easy to maintain. For a luxurious feel, consider velvet. The choice depends on your style and functional preferences.

Thicker fabrics like velvet or curtains with a blackout lining provide enhanced privacy by reducing the visibility from the outside. Blackout lining can be added to all types of curtains.

Yes, House of Ekam offers custom-sized curtains. You can choose the fabric, style, and size that perfectly fits your windows, ensuring a personalized and polished look for your home.